Tim Bauer: I Didn’t Lose 225 Pounds I Lost ONE Pound 225 Times

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Tim B.

“TinierTim” Bauer is an incredible Goal Achiever and his story will inspire you. Tim works in marketing as a professional storyteller and is the proud father of two beautiful girls. He lost his first 200 pounds in just 374 days. Some of his greatest accomplishments include running his first triathlon 18 months after starting his journey, having his weight loss described by his then 6 year old daughter as a “metamorphosis” (he’s a butterfly now) and the fact that his daughters are now able to sit in his lap without his belly getting in the way and wrap their arms completely around him. Tim has been featured in various publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Mark’s Daily Apple and more. He was also featured on TLC’s premiere of the TV show Skin Tight.

The Achievers Story

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and something that people would find interesting about you?


Tim Bauer: My name is Tim Bauer and I am the Director of Marketing for a small construction company in Southern California. I actually live in Orange County about 10 minutes from Disney Land.


Give us a brief overview about the goal you achieved and why it was so important?


Tim Bauer: In November 2010, I weighed in at 440 pounds with a 58 inch waist. I had suffered from obesity my entire life until deciding that I deserved to become the best possible version of myself. I learned to love myself through healthy eating and exercise. I lost one pound 225 times and became healthy for the first time in my entire life.


Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end; where we’ve been, where we’re going, and everything in between. Give us an example of what your life was like before achieving this goal?


Tim Bauer: My life was completely different. I was sick and apathetic. I was dying and I didn’t care. I was depressed, lonely and didn’t know or care if I’d live to see 40. I was just sailing through life, addicted to video games and junk food. I had a small amount of professional success, but I hit a ceiling and the future did not look bright. I carried myself well and no one knew the pain and depression I was carrying, but I was just living day to day.


Help us understand what caused you to move in a different direction?


Tim Bauer: It was November 4th 2010. I was preparing a lesson for a college age course that I was teaching at the time in which the lesson manual compared unhealthy eating to other detrimental activities like dishonesty, adultery and murder. The lesson manual made me feel like I was just as bad as an adulterer or a murderer. That may seem harsh, but it was exactly the kind of paradigm shift I needed to reframe my current state. It weighed on me and forced me to reconcile my behavior with my desires. I had done a share of motivational speaking, even though deep down and even on the outside, I was completely unmotivated to change my most obvious and limiting fault: the way I was treating my body.


The next day I made my decision to change the way I lived and ate. I started by just focusing on making healthy decisions. I went one full day before I ended up at a drive thru where I completely fell apart and ate four burritos. I came home and brushed my teeth to try and hide the scent. I felt like an alcoholic who had just come from the bar. I was so ashamed. The next morning I woke up and saw the story of someone who had successfully lost as much weight as I needed to lose. He looked and sounded amazing. I wanted to be him and I knew I could.


I restarted with 3 commitments to myself:


#1: I will not have any sugar at all

#2: I will not have any processed white flours at all.

#3: If I don’t know where I can buy all of the ingredients for a food item, I will not eat that food item. For example, in a supermarket, I would look at the ingredients and say wait a minute, what is hydrogenated soybean tofu molecular structure #7… I don’t know where I can buy this so I can’t eat this.


Those are the three rules I started with and I have never fallen apart again, though the temptations were strong.


Give us an example of what your life is like today, since achieving the goal?


Tim Bauer: Honestly, it would be easier to say how it hasn’t changed. Everything is different. I’m a happy, well adjusted person. I have beautiful relationships. I’ve come to myself. Most importantly, I don’t have to say no to my kids because I’m too tired, or too sore. I can literally do anything I want to do for the first time in my entire life.

Overcoming The Obstacles

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that obstacles like fear, time and money among other things can prevent us from or motivate us towards achieving goals. What are the top 3 obstacles you faced, why were they obstacles to begin with, and how were they conquered?


Tim Bauer: #1: The first obstacle was my relationship with unhealthy food. Food wasn’t something that I went to when I was hungry, food was something that I went to when I was sad, happy, or bored. I suffered big time from bored eating. Food was my soulmate and my best friend. It was always there for me and I loved it with all my heart. Both of my parents were in the food service. My father was trained as a chef and my mother was a caterer so we ate out a lot. When we ate out I was able to pick whatever I wanted off of the menu and we ate great stuff. I had to reframe that relationship by acknowledging that addiction and seeing food differently. The first step is admitting that you have become powerless over this thing and I am a big believer in that understanding. My life was out of control and I was eating 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day and still hungry all of the time.


#2: My second obstacle was that some of my friends actually liked the old “fat” me and were not supportive of my lifestyle. I had to realize that these were not my true friends.


#3: The greatest obstacle had to be my fear of if I could live this new lifestyle. I was terrified of success and thought to myself… What if I actually do this? What is my life going to be like? How is my life going to be different? How will I transition into maintenance?


One of the biggest questions I get from people who are thinking about losing weight is about loose skin. These are people who are 500 pounds and they will ask… What if I lose all of this weight and I have loose skin? I respond and say what if you don’t lose the weight?  You could die at 45 or 50. I have some loose skin to be frank but I take my 15 pounds of loose skin over my 225 pounds of fat all day and that is the dichotomy that we are faced with. We can’t be afraid to be successful because of things like loose skin, losing relationships or how things will change in our life because losing the weight can help us live the best possible life.

The Triumph

The next part of the interview is the Triumph. The triumph is all about taking the success of achievement to the next level of personal greatness. The idea of greatness can be different for everyone. For me, greatness is all about the pursuit rather than the destination. What does greatness mean to you and how has achieving this goal contributed to that idea?


Tim Bauer: Greatness is becoming the best possible version of yourself. For years I was held back by Obesity and allowing myself to settle in all manner of life. Curing my obesity did not cure all of my problems, but it set in motion a pattern whereby from that moment forward, I refused to settle. I cut unhealthy foods. Then I cut unhealthy people (people that were bad for me and my life). Unhealthy mindsets. An unhealthy religion that I no longer believed in. Anything that was not edifying for me and my family was removed.

Roadmap To Goal Achievement

What is the best advice you ever received that helped you clarify and/or achieve this goal?


The best advice I ever received was to do it for me and no one else. I would say don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of weight you want to lose. You don’t need to lose 100 pounds. You need to go for a walk. Eat a healthy meal next. Lose one pound. And then another.


What are some of the resources or tools that helped you achieve this goal?






What did you do to stay motivated throughout the process?


Early on in the process, I was speaking with a good friend of mine, Bret, who would become my accountability buddy for the process. Bret actually checked in on every workout that I was scheduled to perform. He wrote up a meal plan. But most importantly, he looked me in the eye and he told me that he believed that if I were to stick to the behaviors that promoted good health, I could drop 100 pounds by the following Christmas (it was November at the time of year before). I thought oh my gosh I would only be 340 pounds. I started doing it and the weight just poured off of me. By November of the next year (1 year and 9 days later) I had lost the first 200 pounds. I lost the next 25 over the next 2 or 3 months.  So within 15 months I was down the 225 pounds


I started a blog, listened to podcasts, and frequented Reddit’s loseit subreddit. Eventually that would lead me to learning about Paleo, about 5 months into my diet. Paleo was exactly the kind of framework I needed to simplify culinary decision making. It limited my decision fatigue because it was an elimination diet. I just didn’t eat bread, legumes or dairy. It was so easy and after 30 days, I felt incredible so I stuck with the diet. I’m still 95% Paleo to this day. It’s exactly what I needed.


Is there a book that helped you achieve this goal? If so, how?


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey. This is the first book that changed the way I live every single day. The idea that I could choose my attitude in any given set of circumstances, the importance of knowing your vision, your core values, your mission. The concept of thinking about your funeral and what you want to be said. It got me thinking about legacy and completely changed my life.


What Blogs and Podcasts do you recommend? 





Mark Sisson

Chris Kresser

Ryan Holiday 


If you were advising someone on how to achieve the same goal or something similar, what specific steps would you have them follow?


Donate the unhealthy junk in the house. Go for a walk every single day, focus on packing a lunch every day and having slow cooker meals at night. Make a decision to do it for yourself because you deserve it.


What’s the best way for people to connect with you?


TinierTim Website





Is there anything else you would like to share before we conclude?


Honored to inspire!

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