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Are you ready to unlock your greatest potential ever? This is where you start. I’ll show you how to plan, build, and grow a successful online business and start living the life of your dreams. Discover the secrets, proven strategies, and techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve goals in both life & business.

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Hi! I’m Blake. I’m a 35 year old guy living in Raleigh, NC with a deep seeded passion for helping people unlock their greatest potential ever. I love adventure and almost all types of sports. I enjoy traveling, trying new things, listening to music and watching movies to name a few things. Read More!

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The Achievers Toolkit includes an expanding library of personal and professional development tools, resources, and strategies.

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What Next?

Dive into the content and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to comment and join the multiple discussions taking place across Goals Are Cool.

Achieve Your Goal Challenge – The Achieve Your Goal Challenge is a 30 day course that challenges you to achieve one goal of your choosing. This course expands on information from the Goal Setting Bootcamp with more of a focus on achieving goals.

Achievers Toolkit – The Achievers Toolkit includes an expanding library of personal and professional development tools, resources, and strategies.

Ask Blake – Have a question? Ask Blake! If your question is selected, I will reply and notify you of my response via email.

Goal Setting Bootcamp – The Goal Setting Bootcamp is a 5 day course that will show you how to set your goals so you can achieve your goals.

Goals For Blake – In the Goals For Blake series, I share what I’m learning and doing to achieve goals in my own life. I share my win’s and my shortfalls throughout the entire series.

Interviews – I’ve interviewed some really inspiring people on a range of topics related to goals. Make sure you check back often as more interviews are being added all the time.

Introductions – If it has been introduced then you’ll find it here.

Live Events – Check out all the live events at Goals Are Cool and join in.

Roadmaps – Learn the step-by-step actions required to achieve goals like how to start a blog from scratch, create online courses and more.

Testimonials – See what other people are saying about Blake and Goals Are Cool.

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