The Goals Are Cool Community

The Goals Are Cool Community is a supportive training and networking community designed to help people build a thriving online business and achieve their goals.

The Goals Are Cool Difference

  • Personal Service

All clients get direct access to Blake. You don’t have to worry about any gatekeeper nonsense here. I work for you and your desired results. I’m not happy until you are.

  • Rock-Solid Support

Assisting clients in the process of building a thriving online business and achieving goals. Helping and supporting them to grow, develop, and take purpose-driven action.

  • Professional Training

All clients get access to professionally designed courses & training certification opportunities. Goals Are Cool training includes group coaching and/or 1:1 coaching with Blake. 

  • Private Community
Interact & connect with fellow members. Take advantage of the expertise and experience found in our private, members-only community here at Goals Are Cool.

Members of The Goals Are Cool Community get access to the following:

The Wall

The Wall

Members can post on our wall. They can even post on a fellow members wall now. Members can comment on posts, like posts, and reply to comments.

Add Friends

Add Friends

We give our members the ability to add each other as friends. You will find the add friend button on our member profiles and member directory.

Online Members

Online Members

What’s a community without its members? We’ve included the ability for you to see who’s online. Now you can see all online members quickly and in one place.

Member Profile

Member Profile

Customize your appearance in the community with a unique profile and cover photo. Display your member bio, social media links and more.

Private Groups

Private Groups

A gathering of members, posts, and other relevant content inside The Goals Are Cool Community. Currently, groups are for members who have enrolled in courses.

Member Directory

Member Directory

Now you can find fellow members with ease. All members are in the member directory with a profile photo, display name, and other relevant information.



A notification gets created when various activities such as comments, likes, mentions, and more are completed inside The Goals Are Cool Community.



The forums are open 24/7 and Blake is there every day. Ask questions, get feedback, advice, accountability, and more. Get to know our members in the forums.



Members have access to their own Settings page where various options can be configured at their convenience and with ease.

Members also get...

The Roadmap

Based on my experience, I’ve put together a roadmap to help guide you through the process of planning, building, and growing your business. “Just In Time Learning” can be utilized in the roadmap so you can jump to different sections that are most relevant to you and where you’re at in the process.

Plan your business v1-min

1.) Plan Your Business

In this step, we’ll focus on setting goals and creating action plans related to your business idea creation & validation, website, product, ideal customer, and more.
Build Your Business -min

2.) Build Your Business

In this step, we’ll focus on building a self-hosted WordPress website for your business. We’ll start building your brand, a marketing system, your signature product, a lead magnet, and more.

SP - Grow your business-min

3.) Grow Your Business

In this step, we’ll focus on growing your business through different strategies related to webinars, Facebook Ads, partnerships, affiliate programs, and more.

Points Leaderboard

Earn points for completing courses, challenges, and various activities inside The Goals Are Cool Community. Climb to the top of the points leaderboard for special offers and rewards.

Member Ranks

Points requirement: 5,000 – 9,999,999

Goal Achiever

Points requirement: 501 – 4,999

Goals Enthusiast

Points requirement: 0 – 500


Member Badges

Each rank unlocks at least ten new badges that you can earn.  Four of The Beginner badges have been listed below as an example.

5 Points

Activity Reply Badge

AR badge
5 Points

Activity Reply Badge

5 Points

Profile Update Badge

10 Points

Forum Topic Badge

Challenge Badges

Each rank unlocks new challenge badges. 

30 Points

Welcome Challenge #1

Training Library

Get access to a growing library of professionally designed courses. All courses inside The Goals Are Cool Community include a private group and forum.
TPW v1-min

The Planning Workshop

The Planning Workshop will show you how to create a well-organized and strategic plan tailored to you, and the goal you want to achieve. You’ll learn how to be more proactive vs. reactive, make better decisions, and create a clear path to success.
GSB Course cover-min

The Goal Setting Workshop

The Goal Setting Workshop is designed to help you be more productive and get the results you want. In this course, Blake walks you through a detailed example and shows you how to set your goals based on proven goal setting criteria.
TVW Course Intro-min

The Vision Workshop

The Vision Workshop will show you how to create an ultimate vision and purpose for your life, and for different areas of your life. Setting goals that align with your ultimate vision and purpose will bring more meaning and direction to your goal setting efforts.

Live Mastermind Calls

The Goals Are Cool Mastermind is a private, members-only group of high achievers that will help you plan, build, and grow a thriving online business and achieve your goals. Discover how to accelerate your growth, overcome obstacles, and get the results you want in both life & business. 1 Live call per month.


Get access to downloadable resources created by Blake. The Resource Library includes documents such as action plans, worksheets, questionnaires, templates, surveys, and more. A few examples have been listed below.
  • The Goal Setting Worksheet
  • The Performance Indicator Worksheet
  • The Vision Worksheet
  • The Goal Questionnaire
  • The Resources & Constraints Worksheet

1:1 Coaching

Members enjoy exclusive pricing for private 1:1 coaching with Blake. The non-member rate has been discounted significantly for members of The Goals Are Cool Community only. 

The process to schedule a coaching call with me is automated, and I’ll be there to help you when needed.


Members can apply for certifications. Not all applicants will be approved. Certifications are awarded upon successful completion only. Why get certified?

  1. Potential career opportunities with Goals Are Cool
  2. Learning opportunities
  3. Recognition for your skills and expertise

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