Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Hi, my name is Blake. I’ve always been good at helping people achieve their goals, and I want to help you.

After graduating from North Carolina State University, I went to work for the largest healthcare services company in the world. The company ranked as high as 14th on the Fortune 500 list, and I sold millions of dollars worth of software and professional services during my time there. I’ve held various roles and responsibilities within the healthcare industry including Executive Vice President for a Healthcare Consulting Firm.

However, I always felt like something was missing. To make a long story short, I decided to do something about it. Now, I want to help you do the same.

“Blake is committed to helping his readers achieve their goals, and through Goals Are Cool, provides many clear resources to enable people to do just that. His business experience gives him a solid foundation to work with, and he lives his own advice, sharing his experience in what does and doesn’t work for him in hitting goals, as well as gathering input from all kinds of experts in his podcast.” – Ellen Bard

Let me coach and mentor you through the 5-step process listed below.

Blake Lea

Founder & CEO

5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

STEP #1: Identify What You Want

Create an ultimate vision and purpose for your life, and for different areas of your life.

STEP #2: Set Your Goals

Use proven goal setting criteria to set short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals.

STEP #3: Create Your Plan

Create a well-organized & strategic plan that’s tailored to you and the goal you want to achieve.​

STEP #4: Take Action

Get motivated and take purpose/passion driven action to achieve your goals like a boss.

STEP #5: Don't Give Up

Be flexible. It’s ok to make adjustments along the way. Don’t give up when things get hard.​

Choose Your Goal

Life Goals

Want to unlock your greatest potential ever?

Life Goals

Become more self-aware and get to know who you really are.

Business Goals

Want to achieve your 2018 business goals by December 31, 2018?

Business Goals

Build an online business that supports your passions and your lifestyle.

Sales Goals

Want to Take your business to the next level?

Sales Goals

Create leads and increase sales.

Leadership Goals

Have you ever wondered what all of the top leaders have in common?

Leadership Goals

Learn how to become a leader in both life & business.

The Goals Are Cool Difference

Goals Are Cool is a supportive training and networking community with online programs designed specifically for leaders and those aspiring to become leaders. We teach you the proven strategies, action steps, and mindset necessary to achieve goals and become a leader in both life & business.

  • Personal Service

All clients get direct access to me. You don’t have to worry about any gatekeeper nonsense here. I work for you and your desired results. I’m not happy until you are.

  • Rock-Solid Support
Assisting clients in the process of achieving goals and becoming a leader in both life & business. Helping them grow, develop, and take purpose-driven action.
  • Professional Training

All clients get access to professionally designed courses & training certifications. We teach you how to achieve goals and become a leader in both life & business.

  • Private Community
Interact & connect with fellow members. Take advantage of the expertise and experience found in our private, members-only community here at Goals Are Cool.