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Today, with the power of the internet, there are more options and opportunities for success than ever before. It’s up to you to take advantage of those opportunities or continue down your current path. At Goals Are Cool, we help entrepreneurs plan, build, and grow thriving online businesses and achieve their goals.


Hi, my name is Blake Lea.

“Blake is committed to helping his readers achieve their goals, and through Goals Are Cool, provides many clear resources to enable people to do just that. His business experience gives him a solid foundation to work with, and he lives his own advice, sharing his experience in what does and doesn’t work for him in hitting goals, as well as gathering input from all kinds of experts in his podcast.” 

– Ellen Bard

After graduating from North Carolina State University in 2005, I went to work for the largest healthcare services company in the world. The company ranked as high as 14th on the Fortune 500 list, and I sold millions of dollars’ worth of software and professional services during my time there. I’ve held various roles of increasing responsibility within the healthcare industry including Executive Vice President for a Healthcare Consulting Firm.

However, I always felt like something was missing.

In 2014, I started spending a lot of time online and what I found was nothing short of amazing. I realized even more than I had previously, the overwhelming power of the internet as a tool to connect and form meaningful relationships with people from all over the world.

After several months of research and planning, I introduced goalsarecool.com to the world.

Hi, my name is Blake Lea. I help entrepreneurs plan, build, and grow thriving online businesses and achieve their goals by providing precision focused coaching, consulting, and support services that help them create well-organized & strategic plans, systems, and processes that help them save time and money so they can become a leader in their market, and finally start living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

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When you think about it, we all achieve “goals”. Sometimes the goal is planned from the beginning, and sometimes it’s not. When we take the time to plan our path we don’t just stumble upon success, we achieve it with a clear vision and purpose.

There’s been a LOT of misinformation about goals. In the not so distant past, multiple people made reference to studies from Yale/Harvard that were later determined to be an urban myth…