A Monte Sano Moment

After leaving Tennessee, I made my way to Huntsville, Alabama. While in Huntsville, I visited Monte Sano State Park, where I found amazing views, fresh air, and a neat little Japanese Tea Garden.

After entering the park, take a left at the fork to find the views…

There are wooden benches and other great spots to sit and think while taking in the views near the mountain drop off. I sat down for a few minutes and didn’t want to get back up. I told myself I was having a Monte Sano Moment. 😎

Here are some pictures I took while checking out the Japanese Tea Garden. You’ll find the entrance next to the park office, where they have camping area registration and cabin check-in. ⬇

If you’re looking for something to do in Huntsville, Alabama, you could try Monte Sano State Park. I wasn’t there for long but enjoyed the visit.

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